Friday, July 04, 2008

i really need a change of environment.


3:56 AM
Sunday, June 29, 2008
abstaining (unintentional of cause) from football
is OVER.
thank goodness.


the BABES outing was so ultra fun.
cher, me ,na and gen
good memories with them.
i miss those girls.

ate at fisherman's wharf at clarke quay
and then walked to nectarie,
for cher to have a little tiramisu
and all of us to chat chat chat.
and laugh laugh laugh
and get crazy crazy crazy.

PLUS, with cher and na present
a disturbing amount of camwhoring is bound to occur
thank goodness gen doesn't embrace that much like me!
but that night was so so fun!
we should have more outings soon!

pictures soon.
6:17 PM
Wednesday, June 25, 2008
finally going to watch FOOTBALL tonight!
or morning rather.

yay me!

9:14 PM
woke up super early for running today
now i feeel abit woozy
1:44 PM
Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i shall post all my doings in one shot
cause i just cannot be bothered to come online everyday to post lahh.

jolyn's birthday celebration
affectionately known as my sister, ah chia.
it was a typical celebration involving her favourite food
- pasta, chicken and cake.

she's finally 17 but still doesn't act that.
she seems to be growing younger every year
but i still love her to bits.


lunch and shopping with rosel
lunched at taka's basement area
some place called swiss german sausage place
food was good.

then we walked around town and then to vivo
walked until our legs ache eh

had to have coffee boast at starbucks
and we sat there for quite awhile to chat.
which is when we saw the 99 ways bra
it's seriously a superb invention.

we walked till our legs could take it no more
then went home.
shopping/walking with rosel is fun fun fun.


sunday's cat class meeting was interesting
the the youths don't have to teach anymore
yay me!
no more late nights on lesson plans
best news i've heard since a long time ago

then was lunch and shopping with Ja
too bad cher couldn't come
but fortunately for her
cause we walked alot alot alot

we walked from clarke quay to funan
ate & shopped
then walked from funan to raffles city
shopped & coffee break
then walked from raffles city to plaza singapura
but the point was i was wearing
-wait for this-
heels the whole time!

the last time i walked so far
was the maundy thursday walk eh
the things i do for shopping.

Ja and i bought some nice nice jeans
we always seem to find the greatest buys
had a uber uber great time
i love shopping with Ja!
(except for the hideous walking part)


cher and i finally watched
chronicles of narnia: price caspian today!

great plot/story
with super exciting fight scenes
funny, exciting and touching
i wonder why some people say it sucks.

AND of course it didn't hurt
that prince caspian looks so darn hot.

cher apparently thinks "peter" looks better
so we are competing who's hotter
by frantically searching for pictures on flickr
we are crazy crazy crazy people.

PS. for the record.
prince caspian is way hotter.
5:57 AM
Thursday, June 19, 2008
tripped and almost fell today
tripped on flat ground
story of my life


Pushing Daisies
it's a really really really sweet show

"sweet" as in melt your heart "sweet"

i've only watched till episode 3
but it's already super nice.
thats why i searching for it online now!

it's such a must watch!
5:09 AM
Monday, June 16, 2008
Jolyn's birthday in 2 days
and i haven't yet bought a gift.
I'm such a lousy sister.


1) hula&co tube dress
pros- looks gorgeous
cons- quite expensive got GSS, less expensive
- not worth the money for it

2) red handbag from tangs
pros- she has been wanting it since forever
cons- i hate it to bits, so not pretty. i'll never buy her something i hate.

3) beach slippers
pros- doesn't own one, needs one
cons- no clue about her feet size & she's fussy about her slippers (which is why she doesn't have one in the first place)

4) casual flats
pros- she only has one pair of flats and she wears them almost everyday.
cons- feet size

5) Jansport bag
pros- she has expressed that she wants to get one
cons- she just bought a bag recently

6) Levi's jeans
pros- she really really needs a new pair of jeans and she only wants levi's
cons- way out of my budget

good luck.

5:50 PM
Sunday, June 15, 2008
mass today at nativity!
first time i stepped there since like 7months ago.
jolyn and i camwhored in 136

okay okay.
only me rather.

the priest was interesting
cause he looked like my uncle

father's day was like any sunday
cause we spent it together anyway
eating, shopping.

watching charlie and the chocolate factory now
so nice!
7:21 PM
this is my blog. i do what i want here.

was born on 28th August almost 18 years ago.

CHIJ Punggol

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loves cable tv
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adores KAKA.
loves drawing
loves God.

a job which involves my passion of drawing and design: architect
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